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Selfless In Onness ( Se’ )

Posted by nasharrawy on July 4, 2009

Sufi Conversations: 09
we ‘ve 2 earn d selfless in oneness in HIS eyes we’re HIS ‘man” ur interest is just HIM n we just want HIM both HIS dunya n HIS akhirah/Hereafter! all ‘re actually decided NOW n FOREVER in ONENESS so as to not 2b shiri'(Associating HIM with others) To do this, one has 2 b selfless! Kill d ego, vengience, selfishness, hatred, jeolousy etc n surrender all 2 HIM , d body, d mind, d soul 2 HIM in actuality(Hakikah) being selfless in oneness : Only HE in hahikah(actuality) exists.” Khola ko kum wa ma ta’ maloon” (I’m d one who creates u n creates ur handywork)Nevertheless! syariah n Hakikah (Law n actuality) goes along together , parallel preoccupied each other fine!”wa hu wa ma akum ai nama kuntum”( And HE is with u wherever u are) “I’m with u nearer 2 ur jagular vein” (Al Qur’an) Distance without a medium , near without a demarcation. i.e ‘selfless in oneness”Peace! Loves! Rejoice!Think Positive and be selfless in truthfulnes
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