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An Understanding Of The Islamic System In Malaysia by: Nash Ar-Rawy

Posted by nasharrawy on November 8, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010

An Understanding Of The Islamic System In Malaysia by : Nash Ar-Rawy

An Understanding Of The Islamic System In Malaysia By: Nash Ar-Rawy
( )

The implementation of the Islamic system in Malaysia has been introduced by an Islamic Movement ( PAS ) through it’s model which is recognised by Transparentcy International as ‘Zero Corruption “ i.e , being a The Welfare State of Kelantan; based on ‘Islam Just For All” regardless of ethnics, race and religion ; within the jurisdiction empowered by The State Assembly of Kelantan.
Kelantan is the first state in Malaysia to passed out the Hudud Law or the Islamic Jurisprudence known as Syariah or Islamic Penal Code . But the implementation was blocked by the President of the Malay secular racist party ; i.e., Umno by a letter of threat and blackmail ; the repercussions that may occur to the state by Umno. This is the peak of Mahathir’s cosmetik Islam ; i.e. assimilation of Islamic values. Such as, Islamic Bank, Islamic University, and Islamic Insurance which is in the final stage is to refute or violation of the Hudud Law and the latest being supporting Najib’s agenda ; i.e. gambling license given for world cup soccer. Assuming that it is a culture of the Chinese community which is a plain humiliation to the Chinese because it has been refuted by Gerakan, and DAP as well.
Thus Islamic Hadhari( civilization ) of Badawi’s agenda has fled away because it has no substance due to it’s cosmetic approach which finally sustained gambling of all kinds in this country. Umno truly rejects Islamic system and implements Islamic agenda that gives them profits and material gains such as, Islamic Banking . Whereas, Hudud has no profitable interests and is totally discarded in the race for the purpose of worldly and material gains only.
The same Islamic Penal Code has been tabled and approved by the State Assembly of Trengganu during PAS rule but failed to be implemented due to the Federal Government and Federal Constitution obstacles. Therefor, the muslims of one Malaysia are obligatory to vote and support PAS ( The Islamic Party Of One Malaysia ) in order to comply with the syahadatain’s testimonial ( There’s No God But Allah and Muhammad Is The Messenger Of God ) into practice . That is, the implementation of the Hudud Law, Qisos( Battery) and Ta’azir (Judge’s discretions ) into being. Thus , the implementation of the Hudud Law is obligatory to every muslim and therefore refuting Umno in any election is also obligatory .On that basis , it is obligatory for the muslims to assure that PAS and PAKATAN to take over Putrajaya and the Parliament in the 13 th GE. By the grace of God!
Refuting and violating the Hudud Law for a muslim means refuting ‘The Absolute Law Giver ‘and would lead to “ Apostacy “ or “Riddah” ( murtad ) i.e. denouncing the syahadatain testimony and faith to God!.nauzubillahiminzalik!. It’s true that Hudud is already ordained in the Holy Qur’an but it’s implementations needs it to be tabled and formulated in the Parliament and the State Assembly as well. Law is authority . Therefor Hudud must be authorized in it’s implementation; Hudud Law must be legalized in the Parliament such as the formulation of the Hudud Act! Which were tabled thrice by TGHH but rejected by Umno in the Parliament. Thus, the Pakatan government in Kedah , Selangor and Penang should proceed with the necessary actions towards the legalization of the Hudud Law, Qisos and Ta’azir regardless of it’s objection and violations by Umno in the parliament because it is the government’s obligation to the muslims which do not affect or jeopardize the non-muslim at all. “ La iqro hafiddeen” ( There’s no compulsion in religion ) to the non-muslims as ordained in the Holy Qur’an . This conception is respected by PAS in Pakatan. Non-muslims could opt for the existing “ Civil Law “ which is not also a Chinese, or Indian or Malay Law for that matter, but an English/British Law. Especially when Penang CM ; Lim Guan Eng of DAP said his agenda in the administration is to follow the foot-steps of the Caliph namely , Umar Abdul Aziz .; “ Justice For All “ being the motto of Pakatan.
PAS government of Kelantan is the first State in Malaysia which eliminates gamblings of all sorts. The Secular Federal government instead, after more than 50 yrs of UBN’s rule stil sustains the colonial system of engaging with gamblings by giving licenses through the Ministry of Finance.Nevertheless, casino gambling centre was introduced by Tunku ( the former PM ) as told by the gambling ‘taukeh” in his book . Switching from being a resort place to a casino . As a matter a fact, Genting Highland is known as the NO. 1 casino in the world outbit Las Vegas as revealed by a casino portal and both Najib and cousin Hishamuddin are now the biggest share holders of the gambling centre inherited from their grandfather; Tan Sri Noah ( Noh ) .
Caliph Saidina Umar Al-Kattab once permitted non-muslims merchants to import liquor for personal use only . This precedent and sirah ( history ) is followed by TGNA ; a prominent Islamic Movement Spiritual leader of PAS , who is also the CM of Kelantan in his rule. Islamic system permits the non-muslims to drink but not in the open or publicly. But, liquor is sold only in certain premises and could only be bought and carry back home only and not to drink in the premises. Thus, public safety is being protected from drinkers.This is Islamic system which is totally different from Umno’s psuedo Islam.
For Umno’s psuedo Islam. Liquor is freely available at hand around Kuala Lumpur and other major cities. Youngsters got drunk especially during new year eve . In Langkawi , a can of beer is much cheaper than a can of 7up and ofcourse ‘Bottoms Up” .Remember, during Britsih rule , liquor were imported for personal use . But , in post-independent, Liquor industry has been erected by UBN’s government in Klang and officiated opened by Tunku ( former Umno’s President ) . Mukriz Mahathir is also one of the share holders of a liquor industry abroad.
PAS State governmet of Kelantan is the fist government in Malaysia to introduce Islamic mortgage system which is followed by many banks and federal government agencies. As a matter a fact, Kelantan PAS government has tried intoducing Islamic finance system which is based on the use of ‘Dinar” but it could not be implemented in one Malaysia due to the blockate of Umno and Kelantan being not a Federal Government. Nevertheless, ‘Dinar” as a sovenuer is much popular among the people. Thus, the usage of ‘ Dinar’ in the Islamic economy system is a vital weapon of the Islamic World when it was efficiently and successfully widely used by the Caliphs Islamic Rule. This is due to ‘Dinar” ( Gold ) as a stable currency to the world; and it has a vital force to supercede American Dollar ! for good and stabalize the world ecomomic recessions against the aggression and suppression of the the world’s capitalist and monopoly system.
Many of the afforts taken by PAS/Pakatan to curb gamblings and liquor has been violated by Umno and PAS/Pakatan is determine in it’s plight to dethrone UBN in the parliament in the 13th GE and take over office in Putrajaya . by the grace of God !. PAS government of Kelantan has implemented ‘ The People’s Plantations” and violate the secular systems of capitalism , cronyism and monopolism and chauvanism as performed by the UBN’s rule. In an Islamic system; racism, cronyism and monopolism is strictly prohibited and the richness of the nation should not be circulated amongst the rich only as ordained in the Holy Qur’an. Such as the elite crony umnoputra which has stipulated and manipulated the lost of RM 52 Billion of the Bumiputra Shares; undetected and gone with the wind .
The People’s Plantations is offered to all citizens of Kelantan regardless of race , ethnics and religion. How nice if it could be applied in one Malaysia through Pakatan! As a matter a fact, Kelantan’s government has appointed Non-Malays as Penghulus ( Ketua Kampung/ Village Chiefs ) amongst the Siamese ; which will never be done by Umno being a chauvanist racist Malay party . The appplications of erecting a buddhist temple has been rejected by UBN’s rule in Kelantan. But , Islamic system and Islamic justice for all has made PAS Kelantan government approved the buddhist followers in Kelantan to erect their Buddha statue and buddhist temple; because this is the teachings of Justice in Islam. Permitting the non- muslims to have their religious rights. Thus, the afflictions by Umno’s propagandas that PAS rule will force the non-muslims to convert into Islam is all nonsense and it’s only falsehood of Umno. As in Kedah ‘s PAS rule ; the swine issues have been settled for good which Umno failed to do so after 30 years of conflictions. This proves that “ Islam Just For All “ being the policy of PAS’s rule is being motivated theorically and practically indeed.
Uniquely, Mursyidul Am of Islamic Movement PAS ; TGNA has even proposed that state government formation law be amended so as to allow the non-muslims to be appointed as an assembly man if there were no non-muslims won in the election. And further more a Non- Malay muslim who is pious and piety, charismic , intelligent , prominent , not bias, not corrupted or polluted and accepted by all to be the future Non-Malay Muslim CM in Kelantan , by the grace of God!. Will Umno do this ? This is where Islamic System is not based on racist but “ Islam Is Just For All “ .Even a non Malay could be a leader if he is more pious and piety muslim. Now the non-muslims plight has been engaged in PAS through its new wing ; i.e. “ PAS SUPPORTERS ASSEMBLY COUNCIL “ stands as equal as The Youth Council, Women’s wing and the Ulama’s wing as well. Will Umno tolerates this ? This is Islamic political justice for all in PAS being it’s fundamental policies.
As in Selangor, Pakatan’s efforts has reviewed and given the people a fair water bills especially to the poors. But in Trengganu and Perak , land approved to the people by the Pakatan government were cancelled by UBN’s rule . This portrays the true colour of Umno to the people as a whole . Undemocratic and unjust ? There’s no Islamic justice at all . In practice it’s only cosmetic and propaganda of Islamic Hadhari which is now gone with the wind of Najib’s cronies and fantasies deceiving the people with MEB which is a dupilcate of NEB failures due to cronyism and corruptions; where Malaysia is at the verge of bankruptcy by the year 2019 according to Idris . The minster in the Prime Minister Department as due to subsidies which was actually due to the scandals in UBN’s rule. Such as the two oil wells worth RM320Billion given to Brunei, Bumiputra shares lost RM 52 Billion, Bakun RM 1 Billion. Forex lost RM 32 Billion by Rosmahnajib’s gamble of Bank Negara’s money but broker survives , PKFZ etc.
DS Nizar has allocated 1,000 hec. of land to SAR ( Public Religious School )and also the same acerage were given to the Chinese Schools . But the coup or court’s CM ( Zambry ) has cancelled it out ; and in addition has allocated money the sum of RM400,00 to the Chineses schools ( 7 schools all together ) whilst SAR are being ignored ; just to wow the Chinese votes in the next 13th GE. But, the worst part is, as came out in the media . All MCA’s branches , each will be given RM50,000. What rights as the CM to use the government money which is actually the people’s money; given to a particular party . This is a plain mockery of Umno’s political bribery without any attempt of investigations by SPRM which apparently being a tool of Umno as an unregistered member of UBN. This obviously proves that Umno is a typical tool of MCA not PAS or DAP perfoming this act or political mockery . Umno supporters just ‘mouth wide openend ‘ seeing their leaders deceiving the followers by abusing the ‘People’s Money “
While in Penang, the CM Lim Guan Eng, amazingly has allocated the sum of RM1 Million to SAR. Because he said we need educated citizens as an asset for the future of the nation. The CM has also strictly prohibited the use of crony and introduced ‘e- Tender’ which is the only viable cable use by all.This system coincides with the Islamic system which is agaist cronyism and monopoly of any kind. The CM has also engaged the State Governmet with the newly form State Ulama Council to check and balance the government as a direct advisor not as Najib engaged APCO( Zionist based agency ) as the national consultant. Thus , Umno is APCO and APCO is Umno as revealed by the Pakatan’s parliamentarians.
By : Nash Ar-Rawy/ 2.7.10 ( )

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