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Posted by nasharrawy on August 23, 2013




Posted by Nash Ar-Rawy on July 10, 2013 at 10:50 AM



A Real and a True “ SUFIST “ is feared by d munafikuns( hiprocrites ) , zolimun ( Unjust Ruler ) . Fasikun ( Sinners ) and Kafirun I infidels ) ; i) ‘ almaghdubi’alihim ‘ such as d jews ; Zionist, Mossad n Israel and ii) “ Addolin “ such as d Christians : transgressor or astray ( do not follow Jesus as a prophet and as a Muslims ‘cos all d prophets from Adam a.s. till Muhammad s.a.w. are muslims ! But d Christians take him as ‘ D son of God ‘ ; eventhough there’s no one sentence in d Injil ( bible ) did Jesus say , “ I’m d son of God ! “ NEVER! . They astray such as the snoopers i.e. CIA. FBI n America ! are against ‘Islamic Sufist”

Proven “ almaghdubi’alaihim and Addolin “ ( America , Europe and Israel ) were against d ‘Spiritual Leader “ Ayatullah Khomeini . And now they make use of d munafikun ( Gen Sisi and d Secularist opposition Amru Musa ) toppled d first elected Pres. Of Egypt thru’ a Millitary Coup ; massacre their own people ; with d supports of Munafic Saudi and UEA and d kuffar America ( CIA and FBI ) and Israel ( Zionist and Mossad ) !

Why? ‘cos Morsi ; the First Elected President and d parliament has passed a new Islamic Constitution for Egypt !. Morsi is an ‘ AL-Hafiz ‘ and implementing d teaching of d Al-Quran . And he has opened d door of Rafah for d muslim brothers in gaza after 30 yrs blocked by Mubarak but now d illict devil Military Autocrat Rule ; . Gen. Sisi had closed it ; Sisi is a traitor to Islam ; appointed by Morsi but collaborated with d Yahood Zionist Israel and America Chuck Hagel in d Defense Ministry of America ! .

A true and real ‘ SUFIST “ never dies n will arise through out d world ; openly or secretly in his intimate prayers; in his esoteric , annihilated ecstasy with d Almighty . Yahood n Nasora r not scared of d Arab Kings ! at all ‘cos they r not “ SUFIST “ . Imam Mokhtar of Libya was a ‘ SUFIST ‘ and d Sultan of Acheh, Sumatra was also a ‘ SUFIST “ who droved away d Dutch Colonizer! Salehuddin Al Ayubi who liberated  ” MASJIDIL AQSA ” from d Zionist Yahood

was also a ‘ SUFIST ‘ ; only qiamulail soldiers were allowed to go . The rest stayed in. This is “ ISLAMIC SUFISM OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM “ which is applicable in d cyber world ! ; Now and Forever ; till d doomsday ! . for d Sufists ! I Inner Power ) from ‘ HIM “ and of “ HIM “ THE ALMIGJHTY ! “ AL LAHU AKBAR !!!

Remember Omar Al Kattab was feared by e enemies of Islam !. When he just holds his sword , d munafikun and kafir just ran away from him ; they dare see his face !. Even satan could not walk-in the places where there r  his footsteps ! . Why ?  It’s because of d power of  ‘SUFISM ” of ‘ HIM ” is ‘ WITH-IN ”  Omar Al-Kattab! Even when he was delivering a sermon at one conjucture ; he saw enemies snooping behind d hill n shouted out ! Hey muslims ; there r kafir army attacking u from d hill ! and they were saved .

Whereas,  he was not there . Who was there? n who saw enememy . This is d power of ” Sufi Of HIM ” !!  nor Omar but ” OF HIM ” Oh MY GOD! Thank U ! U r d Almighty ! REMEMBER; during d ” AL BADAR Al KUBRA ” mukmin ( core “Sufists) were only 300 but d kuffar batallion with all d sophisticated weaponary at time amounted to 1,000! .But Islam won d war which detrmined d life n death of Islam ; Now or never! . How and Why d victory ! . This was due 2  ” d power of SUFISM OF HIM” ; implanted by HIM n HE sent down HIS miliitary of Angels answering d ‘ SUFIST DOA’ This is what d Kuffar Mutakbirin scared of! . The latest being America , Israel and its sycophants ; Yahood,  Zionist, Mossad, CIA , FBI etc.

Remember, in d modern times of a cyber era and cyber  world ! Us radar jet fighters collided each other in d air when trying to attack Iran . Ronald Reegan at time was so scared of Ayatullah Khomeini ! Why? . This is d power of ” SUFI OF HIM ” with-in U ! .At d end of d day, d Us Millitary ; being d world ” Mustakbirin” ( Oppressor n Suppressor ); imperialist  and colonizer ; and its CIA were driven out of Iran ! by d Grace of d Almighty ! And remember, many boms dropped by US airforce in Iraq did not explode! .Tons of boms were dropped  n missiles sent as much as d  ” atomic boms dropped at Hiroshima n Nagasaki ! But, Iraq was not destroyed ! And tere was no ” Nuclear Plant ” as deceived by Us ; But was merely a ” Milk Factory ” ! .This is ‘ SUFISM OF D NEW MILLENNIUM  OF HIM ! ”

By : Nash Ar-Rawy



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